Yandex.Food has launched the delivery of various concerts in places, the press service of the service said. Visitors to musical events will not have to stand in line for a snack or leave after the start of the performance: couriers-partners of the service will bring the order directly to the stands.

In Russia, you can now order food directly from the stands of a musical concert

It will be possible to use the new option already on July 22 at the concert of the group “Hands Up!” in Luzhniki. Purchases through the service can be made at two buffets in the stadium. Visitors will be able to order popcorn, burritos, ice cream and other snacks.

To place an order, you need to go to the service application, indicate there the address of the stadium, and then select the podium using geolocation. In the comments to the order, you must specify your sector and row. The courier will deliver food and drinks in 10 minutes.

For delivery to the stadiums, couriers use special lightweight thermal bags, with which it is more convenient to move around the stands and not interfere with the audience.

Yandex.Food has been delivering food to stadiums for about a year, but previously, the service only brought food for sports matches.

In March, RB.RU wrote that Yandex.Food was launched in Uzbekistan under the Yandex Eats brand.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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