In July 2023, Wildberries launched the sale of Russian TVs under its own Razz brand. They are assembled at the factories of Kvant LLC in the Moscow and Voronezh regions.

Wildberries launched the sale of Russian TVs under its own Razz brand

Buyers will have access to seven types of Smart TVs with a diagonal of 24 to 65 inches and a resolution of up to 4K. The cost will depend on the technical characteristics and will range from 7.5 thousand to 40 thousand rubles.

According to the press service, for the first time in the Russian Federation, televisions with a built-in Marusya assistant and the RuStore application store appeared. Thanks to this, owners of new smart TVs will be able to control various smart home devices, use end-to-end video content search through the TV, install applications and video games.

In the future, Wildberries plans to sell TVs on the online platform outside of Russia, in six more countries where the market operates.

The emergence of its own brand was previously explained by the company with a shortage of supply in the market and an increase in demand in this segment. According to Wildberries, last year sales of home appliances and electronics grew 97% year-on-year on the site.

  • Wildberries’ plans to launch their own Razz and Ruzz brands of electronics and home appliances became known in March 2023. They intend to produce equipment in both Russia and China. Approximately 100 items of private label home appliances and electronics will soon appear on the market, including refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders, mixers, televisions, etc.


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