Former commercial director of X, Google’s semi-secret research institute, Mo Gavdat, commented that AI will forever change the way people have sex and possibly Apple Vision Pro, goal quest and sex robots will replace physical contact.

“Why do we need another person?” the developer said during his talk on the Impact Theory podcast. “These are all signals in your brain that make you enjoy company and sexuality,” he added.

“If we can convince you that this sex robot is alive, or that the sexual experience through a virtual reality or augmented reality headset is real, then you will succeed,” he said.

Gavdat also noted that in fact the most important thing in sex is the brain.

“Sex happens in the brain. That is, the physical part is not so difficult to model. […] And if we really want to get magic out of it, it can be simulated,” he said.

The former commercial director of X also talked about how “futile” the debate is about whether AI robots can feel, saying it doesn’t matter when the human brain is convinced they’re real.

“Really matters [su capacidad de sentir]if they imitate it so well?” the developer asked. “If my brain thinks they are sensitive, they are. It’s an idea,” he added.

Gouda went even further and noticed that interpersonal relationships would also be affected:

“This is a very important restructuring of society, a significant restructuring of love and relationships, because there is money in it,” Gavdat said, noting that many people are willing to “date” avatars through apps like Replika rather than a real person.

Source: Digital Trends

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