documents in format PDF They have become the standard. So much so that the vast majority of users send such documents continuously throughout the day, both by mail and using a messaging app (a few examples are Telegram or WhatsApp). sometimes necessary edit them And to achieve that, you have to have more than an audience. We show you some free and quality options.

We’ve selected tools that are used directly from the browser on your computer, be it Chrome, Firefox or Edge, so you don’t run into any compatibility issues. The truth is that just by having the PDF document and an Internet connection, you can already use the editor as you don’t need anything else. Therefore, we are talking about options that are highly recommended, as they are very simple to use.

The best free browser-based PDF editors

The amount we chose is two so you don’t go crazy choosing one this way. most suitable for your needs (We have scanned the number of options they offer and their proper functioning). So whichever you choose, you can be sure that you will have a great wearing experience.

Sedja PDF Editor

This enhancement has both a browser client and an app you can use on your computer, so it’s also a solution if you go somewhere where the Internet connection isn’t the best possible. amount odds What will you find? Wonderful (from managing forms to signing documents) and is really easy to use.

Sedja PDF Editor

Smart Life

One of the downsides is that it’s only available in Turkey. English, but that’s not dramatic because you don’t need to know a lot of languages ​​to navigate menus with ease. There are some limitations in resources, and also the number of documents that need to be edited in a day is not infinite, but sufficient for the vast majority. But all this is forgotten because a speed Fantastic.

Access to Sedja

Sugar PDF

Unlike the previous option, this is a browser-only client job, but yes, you can use it. Spanishmay be a very obvious reason to choose for many. With an interface where you only have to choose the action to take with the document in question, it’s extremely easy to use. It includes many features that you would usually only find in a paid app.

Online PDF editor Sugar

Smart Life

The one PDF editing per hour limitation is something to consider, so it’s not a bad idea to combine its use with the previous one, but it’s worth noting that it includes some very stunning functions like capacity. OCR… something really impressive. The interface, yes, could be improved a bit as it is a bit old – but functional, yes -.

Access PDF Candy

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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