A similar solution is being developed for stationary devices to be installed in the grocery aisles of supermarkets.

The functionality of the program is based on the fact that as fruits and vegetables ripen, their physical and chemical properties change, which affects the dielectric properties of their internal contents. These changes also affect the Wi-Fi signal passing through the product. The application can analyze this signal and give an idea about the quality of the product.

One of the advantages of this approach is that it is harmless and allows consumers to check the quality of products without damaging or opening them. Researchers believe this technology could be embedded in smartphones and allow consumers to assess the freshness of products directly at the point of purchase.

While similar sensors are already available for assessing the freshness of food, they often require separate devices. Integrating this feature into smartphones can make it more accessible and practical for everyday use. But experts warn that the veracity of such an app needs to be extensively tested before it can gain widespread consumer confidence. And these are not all the problems that development can face.

The first version of the application will be compatible with the Android operating system, in the future it is planned to expand its availability to other operating systems.

Source: Ferra

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