Google Meet will soon merge with Google Duo, a FaceTime-style video calling app developed by people from Mountain View. The amazing novelty was known thanks to the Californian company, which aims to offer a more integrated communication experience.

As published by Google, Meet features will be gradually added to Duo starting over the next few weeks. And before the end of the year, the Google Duo app will be rebranded as Google Meet and will replace the current video conferencing platform app, which will eventually be retired.

In any case, it has been clarified that the version of Google Meet available today will continue to work without major problems while the transition is in progress. “Once the updates to the Duo app are fully implemented, users who open the original Meet app will be offered the option to use the new version,” the Mountain View Help Center explained.

Without a doubt, we are facing a very interesting strategy on the part of Google. And although it may seem otherwise, The duo will win. While the app will lose its name once the merger with Google Meet is complete, it will retain all of its current features. This means that users will be able to continue using it as before:

Existing video calling features in Duo are still there, including the ability to video call friends and family using a phone number or email address, use fun filters and effects, send messages, and ask Google Assistant to call using the buttons on existing devices. All conversation history, contacts and messages will still be saved in the app and you won’t be able to download a new app.

Javier Soltero, VP and CEO of Google Workspace, on Meet and Duo merger

Google will put Meet and Duo under the same roof

google meeting

What Google is Uplifting with the Meet and Duo Combination has its own logic. Having all your video communications tools under one roof should help make accessing your utility catalog easier. The fact that a person does not depend on two different applications for personal video calls with a friend or family member, as well as for school or work, sounds more than interesting. At least in theory; It remains to be seen if the merger of both platforms will go as smoothly as the company promises.

Now many will be interested what will happen with Google Meet in Gmail. Let’s not forget that the service is also integrated into the email platform, allowing you to participate in meetings right from there. The good news is that this will not change and will continue to function as it does today, the Californians explained.

The latter is undoubtedly very positive, since, for example, many users access video conferencing from the Gmail app on their mobile phone. And just as they avoid downloading the Google Meet client today, it’s good that in the future not forced to install Google Duo unless they are going to use it otherwise than that.

Video is our main focus and we will continue to invest in Google Meet to help people connect, collaborate and share experiences across any device, at home, at school and at work.

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