El Salvador has been experimenting with Bitcoin on various levels since 2021. The first cryptocurrency has been the official means of payment in the country for several years. The next step to integrate bitcoin into the life of the population were classes on its use for schoolchildren.

Schools in El Salvador introduced classes on the use of bitcoin

Schools in El Salvador have classes on the use of bitcoin. They teach 12-year-olds how to register crypto wallets and make transactions. According to the organizers, in the future this will help them find jobs in reputable companies around the world.

Two non-profit organizations are dedicated to the formation of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Beach and My First Bitcoin. Both projects run classes in regular public schools in the form of extra lessons on Fridays. According to representatives of My First Bitcoin, 25 thousand students have already completed the course on the basics of bitcoin.

Nobody teaches us to handle money. We make deals every day, we work for money, we save it, but no one teaches us this. If you want to make a difference, individuals and families need to know how the system works.

Román Martínez, founder of Bitcoin Beach

According to the Bitcoin Beach founder, students are excited about the new technology, even though many were prejudiced that cryptocurrencies were difficult.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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