Microsoft is reportedly working on an improved chipset for the current Xbox generation, as the generally knowledgeable journalist Brad Sams reports. According to Sams, the overhaul of the chips is mainly about efficiency and size. It’s usually common for console generations to receive refreshes. The journalist has no further information on a possible architecture and release date. According to Sams, a more efficient, cooler chipset will produce cheaper in any case.

Several revisions of Xbox consoles have been released in the past. The latest are the Xbox One S and One X. These were respectively a smaller, more energy efficient version of the Xbox One and an improved, more powerful version of this console. Microsoft has already used this generation X and S names for the regular S-Series and X-Series. As such, it’s unclear whether the Series revision will have its own denominator or just minor improvements under the same name.

Sources: Brad Sams via KitGuru

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