Automatic station “Luna-25” successfully reached orbit of the Moon after starting its engines twice. This important event was confirmed by representatives of Roscosmos. The station was created by the state company “Roscosmos” in the Society for Science and Production named after SA Lavochkin.

The first inclusion of the engine for trajectory correction took place at 11:57 Moscow time and took 243 seconds. This was followed by a second boost for 76 seconds using soft landing thrusters. This is the first successful launch of an automatic station into the orbit of an artificial Moon satellite in the modern history of Russia. The government agency also emphasized that the Luna-25 systems are operating normally and the communication with the device is stable.

Roscosmos noted that measurements of navigation parameters are currently being made to further control the station and ensure a successful mission. This step brings us closer to new developments in lunar exploration and space technology.

Source: Ferra

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