One of the common mistakes when using an app on mobile is to delete something. If you failed automatically, you will regret it, and apps in general allow you to undo the wrong almost automatically. Surprisingly, it does not offer this possibility. What’s up?. However, according to what is known, this will soon change.

The truth is it doesn’t offer this option, something that doesn’t make much sense for a development it’s in. content is constantly senttext or multimedia. The usual thing is to make mistakes from time to time, and so the logical thing is to let users fix things that aren’t as they should be. It was known yesterday that there were efforts to take steps regarding the edition of the messages, and today it’s time to delete them. This is a great late idea, yes, but still wonderful news.

What exactly is WhatsApp playing?

Well, as you can see in the picture we left after this paragraph, he makes a small addition. bottom bar If you use the link that appears on the screen after deleting some types of content, the message you deleted will reappear as if by magic. So it’s a way to avoid unwanted mistakes without causing trouble in both personal and group chats. The way forward is similar to what already exists in other apps and the truth is it is very helpful and not annoying at all. Come on, shoot.

New option to recover messages on WhatsApp


All is not well with this addition

The first thing that catches your eye is that WhatsApp has decided to display the bar with the link that allows you to restore a deleted message. If the published data is correct, a few seconds which can be viewed on the screen. As it turns out, if there are less than five, it may be too few for a decision that needs to be properly considered. We’ll see if this is actually confirmed, but the ideal would be to leave the option a little more visible.

On the other hand, the current functionality only works for pre-loaded content. eliminated for ourselves, which means that its use is not global – because all that are eliminated for the new option will not be functional, at least for now. Again, it would be much better if everything deleted was recoverable, but at least the first step has been taken, that’s true.

Arrival… we’ll have to wait

Currently this new option in WhatsApp is being tested internally, so there’s enough left to make it a reality for everyone. Obviously, due to the current stage big changes can happen Judging by what is seen, but considering the importance of the new function, it is certain that the option to restore deleted messages in the application we mentioned will be liked by all users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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