This magnetic battery performs the same function as the MagSafe battery and is 4 times cheaper

This external battery a capacity of 5,000 mAh.

Apple’s MagSafe battery has a magnetic system

Although there are many tricks to extending iPhone and iPad’s battery life, whatever you do… there will always be a time when you need to recharge your device’s battery. Fortunately, there is today much more comfortable alternatives to traditional chargers.

Alternatives such as external batteries that allow charging the batteries of iPhone, iPad and other Android devices on the goso wherever you are and without having to connect your equipment to the current. Today we recommend an external battery. magnetic system Attaches to the back of your iPhone or Android smartphone.

magnetic external battery

Magnetic system and 5,000 mAh external battery

Advice of the day leads us to a magnetic battery Very similar to Apple’s official MagSafe battery. MagSafe technology is designed to attach any accessory (cases, wallets, batteries, chargers…) to the back of the iPhone using a magnet system. It is such a useful technology that it has been used as the basis for the new Qi2 standard.

This external battery functions exactly the same as Apple’s MagSafe battery, just… Up to 4 times less cost. While Apple’s MagSafe battery costs around 120 Euros, this magnetic external battery only costs 27 euros.

This external battery is compatible with all iPhone models from iPhone 12 onwards and 5,000mAh energy capacity. It has a minimalist design (similar to the MagSafe battery). In addition, it a system Fast charging with 20W power. It is very light and the magnet system is very stable and non-slip.

Without a doubt, a highly recommended external battery. Although there are external batteries with more capacity available on Amazon, the magnetic system makes it much more convenient and versatile to use.

magnetic external battery

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