The FSUE Main Radio Frequency Center (GRC), controlled by Roskomnadzor, faced difficulties in finding a supplier of equipment to control the radio frequency center. Both attempts to purchase equipment were officially declared invalid, as no one expressed a willingness to provide the necessary equipment.

The total cost of the necessary equipment for the GRFC amounted to about 1 billion rubles. Both government contracts were launched in April 2023 but were declared void a month later.

One of the purchases included “mobile technical radio control systems” intended for installation on cars and use on the territory of the Crimea. Another acquisition concerned a “stationary small-sized technical radio tracking complex.” This equipment was intended to detect violations in the use of radio frequencies and electronic equipment in Russia.

Experts believe that the reason for the failure of the state order may be complex technical requirements and possible restrictions on procurement from foreign companies. Instead, GRFC can use domestic equipment for its own needs, which can reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.

Source: Ferra

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