Alexander Myasnikov, a doctor and TV presenter in Russia, says that biologically active additives (BAA) can cause different opinions. He emphasizes that studies do not always yield conclusive results when it comes to serious diseases. Even with vitamins, it sometimes happens that those who take them get sick more often. However, in some countries, such as Germany, many people use dietary supplements and herbal preparations.

According to Myasnikov, the idea of ​​dietary supplements is to replace proper nutrition, as they contain the same trace elements that can be obtained from a proper diet. He points out that doctors probably wouldn’t actively advise their patients to take such supplements, but instead recommend that they improve their diet, such as increasing their intake of nuts and chicken meat. Myasnikov also recommends informing your doctor about taking dietary supplements to avoid interactions with other medications.

Ultimately, dietary supplements cause controversy. Scientific studies show mixed results, and the benefits can be controversial. It’s best to discuss with your doctor whether you need to add supplements to your diet to eat a balanced diet and avoid unwanted interactions with other medications.

Source: Ferra

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