Alexander Laryanovsky, managing partner of Skyeng online English school, said he was struggling with oncology. The businessman spoke about the disease on his social network page.

Skyeng’s managing partner Alexander Laryanovsky said he is struggling with oncology.

Alexander Laryanovsky published a post in which he advised not to save time at the expense of health and not to avoid medical examinations.

In April, the businessman was diagnosed with a tumor, since then he has undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Now, according to the businessman, the chances of recovery are high. However, the operation has not yet been carried out.

In his post, Laryanovsky talks about the typical mistakes business representatives make, noting that luck saved him from life-threatening consequences.

“People optimize what is missing. The poor save a lot of money, the traveler in the desert saves water, the marathon runner saves strength, the businessman saves time”, Larianovsky writes and recommends not postponing medical check-ups.

Alexander Laryanovsky started working with the Skyeng team about 10 years ago. The entrepreneur then helped the startup founders create an interactive platform for an online school. In 2014, Laryanovsky sold Yandex shares and invested $300,000 in Skyeng.

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