A new type of service has appeared on Yandex – an improved Split for paying for goods in installments. This is a loan service that complements the first version of Split. To use it, it will be necessary to identify yourself in State Services and sign an online contract, said Yandex.

A new type of “Split” has appeared on “Yandex” – installment payment plan without down payment

In the new service, users will be able to split products without an initial payment for one or two years. More favorable Split conditions for four and six months will also be available at Yandex.Market and its partners.

The interest rate on the new “Split” will be determined individually. Information about the cost of the service is available immediately after choosing a payment. Funds are loaded once a month.

The opportunity to purchase products in installments appeared on Yandex.Market in 2021.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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