Scientists from Perm Polytechnic University have developed a method for producing cellulose from birch wood. This pulp is used in a variety of industrial processes, including the production of powder, photographic film, plastics and varnishes. Their new method of processing birch makes the process easier and more environmentally friendly.

Traditionally, pulp for industrial processing is obtained from spruce or fir wood. But stocks of these trees are dwindling, so scientists recommend using birch, which has been available in large quantities for decades. The change in raw material also required changes in the pulp manufacturing process.

The pulping process involves the pulping of birch using special acids. The new bleaching method developed by scientists is more economical and environmentally friendly as it requires less chemicals, electricity and steam. It also reduces wastewater treatment costs and gas emissions.

The study was carried out under the Priority 2030 program, which aims to support and develop higher education institutions in Russia. Scientists from Perm Polytechnic University have already received a patent for their method of producing cellulose. This project is funded by the Priority 2030 grant awarded to the university in 2021 and is part of the strategy for the development of Russian universities by 2030.

Source: Ferra

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