Izvestia reports that this year Russians have become more active in buying laptops and smartphones than a year earlier.

In July and in the first weeks of August, sales of laptops increased by 20% on average in Russia compared to previous years. However, there are also the most popular sites, for example, on Wildberry in July-August 2023, 75% more laptops and computers were bought than in the same period in 2022.

The popularity of smartphones also grew by an average of 38%. Sales of smartphones in MTS doubled. The demand for various office equipment is also growing: multifunctional devices (growth by 281%), printers (by 101%).

Some sellers say that the demand for appliances is now higher than even in 2019.

In July-August, unit sales of laptops increased markedly – by more than a quarter of last year, demand also amounted to 2021 figures.

We are also seeing an increase in interest in other categories of education, communication and entertainment products that have become part of the shopping list before September 1: smartphones, smart speakers, tablets, PCs.

– M.Video-Eldorado

The interviewed experts attribute such demand to the regulation of parallel imports and fears due to a possible rise in prices. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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