Recently, a user of the social network shared the following with his followers via X (Twitter): iPhone 15 Pro USB-C cable is not included in the box. Therefore, consumers who buy the new Apple device must purchase it separately.

“Data Transfer Cable for iPhone 15 Pro – sold separately. Charge up to 120W, it has USB4 Gen2. Length 0.8 m” indicates the profile. You can check out the entire article below!

It is worth noting that there is a certain debate around this issue. Apple faced massive pressure from various organizations and even economic blocsTo comply with the universal standard of charging cables, such as the European Union. The goal, however, is to reduce electronic waste on the planet.

In Brazil, the brand is also the target of various consumer protection measures, as items deemed essential to the proper functioning of the devices are sold separately. However, no information has been confirmed by Apple so far.

With this in mind, it will be necessary to wait for the official launch of the product to know if the rumor shared on social networks is actually true. Speculation suggests that the iPhone 15 launch event should take place in the second week of September, possibly on the 13th when a new season of Morning Show, an original series on Apple TV+, will air.

Source: Tec Mundo

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