Sony has introduced a new device called Portal, which is a gaming tablet. This is not a standalone game where you can see what’s on the PlayStation thanks to the 5th generation. If there is no wireless connection to the set-top box or if there is signal interference, it will not be possible to use it.

The idea of ​​creating a portal stems from the fact that a family usually has no more than one large high-quality TV set, the poet’s household is drawn to it in line – someone wants to watch programs, play on PS5. For the latter, a portal was created as a separate mobile screen for set-top boxes, combined with a gamepad. It has its own speakers and a headphone jack so you don’t disturb anyone.

There is no memory on the Portal, you cannot download or upload anything to it. With Remote Play technology, a game is easily created with content on PS5 via a video link to a video. The screen diagonal is 8 days, none of its brightness and color parameters have adjustments. An upgrade to the DualSense wireless controller analog with support for haptic feedback, adaptive tr-herers, and a touchpad.

Cost Portal costs $199.99.

game console portal

Source: Tech Cult

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