Complex “Triton”

One of the Russian enterprises has created an advanced radio-electronic complex that provides protection for the armor of vehicles, pickups and ATVs or drones with FPV control. The novelty has received the name “Triton” and has already managed to pass the first tests in the open CBO, showing you an excellent result.

“Triton” includes special electronic suppression devices with an antenna, which are mounted on military equipment. The complex provides frequency control for FPV drones, and in the modification version it monitors the 868/915/1200/2400 MHz bands.

The next tests of the Triton, scheduled for the end of August – the beginning of September, will be carried out jointly with the petalists of the factories producing armored personnel carriers of the boules of the complex’s effectively built layouts.

Complex Complex “Triton”

The configuration of Triton modules placed on armored vehicles can be changed, as well as include additional Spruce Blocks to add new controlled parts. The complex is powered by on-board equipment, but it is also possible to work from serviceable batteries, and the control is carried out remotely. console.

Source: Tech Cult

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