Russian and Norwegian scientists realized that high-temperature aluminum alloys used in aerospace can lose their strength under heat and physical stress due to the combination of special plates inside these materials. This issue can affect the durability and reliability of aircraft structures. They conducted a study that allowed them to better understand how this process affects materials and how their production could be improved.

According to the research, the strength of the alloy increases due to thin plates consisting of various metals formed inside the material. They prevent the development of defects that can lead to deterioration of the alloy. However, scientists noticed that in the process of using the material, these plates gradually coalesce, becoming more voluminous. This reduces the number of barriers and encourages the growth of defects that can reduce the strength of the material.

The scientists also found that this process is accelerated by simultaneous heating and mechanical stress on the material. The increase in temperature also contributes to the fusion of the plates and the reduction of strength. Based on these results, the researchers hope to develop new superalloys that are less susceptible to such wear and make aircraft structures more reliable and durable.

Source: Ferra

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