Specialists from Sechenov University, together with my colleagues from Rosbiotech, have developed, in fact, the FIRST in the test country, capable of assessing a person’s sense of smell in points, thanks to which doctors can treat patients more effectively.

The created test includes 20-year-old, well-known youths of Rossi – this is Orange and Garlic, my andarine and banana, mint and lemon, apples and days, watermelon and cucumber, raspberries and strawberries, onions and cut herbs, coffee and chocolate, vanilla and roses to take fish and alcohol.

To assess subjective feelings, a person in the developed test application uses a scale of 45 points. Allows you to conduct an initial thorough check, record the dynamics of a person’s recovery and conduct more effective studies, due to more accurate assessments of how the current drug affects the functional ability of wearing.

To date, two similar samples of foreign development are used in the world, but they have not been registered in Russia and, therefore, their deliveries to the country have not been created. In addition, they do not attach importance to the Russians, because few of them identify the same anise or licorice zu, some punch or, for example, cheddar cheese by smell.

Therefore, it was decided to create a domestically developed olfactory sample, work on which Émaloy spurred the coronavirus pandemic to a degree, when most of the infected people lost smell.

Source: Tech Cult

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