Ozon has released an “Original Item” badge for users, which confirms the originality of the jewelry. This was reported by RB.RU in the market press service.

Ozon launches “Genuine” plate for jewelry

By clicking on it, the user will be able to access the state system that controls the circulation of jewelry and check the seller’s permission to sell them.

An Ozon study showed that more than a third of Russians fear buying jewelry online because of the risk of counterfeiting.

The “Original Product” plate for sellers of jewelry shows that the seller is actually registered in the GIIS DMDC – the state information system for the control of precious metals, stones and products made from them. The plate is displayed in the product file in the mobile application and in the web version of the market.

Ozon has been previously integrated with GIIS DMDC. Verification is done weekly from the moment the seller registers on the site.

The customer can also check the purchased product upon receipt by courier or at the point of issue; to do this, go to the GIIS DMDC website and indicate the unique product number that is placed on the label.

According to Ozon, in the second quarter, the turnover of the jewelry category increased 2.5 times and the number of items exceeded 500,000. Jewelry sales at Ozon started in February 2019.


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Source: RB

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