According to rumors released by the sites, the next Meta Quest Pro may be developed in partnership with LG Install VR This Mail Business Newspaper. The model has the potential to be a direct competitor to the Apple Vision Pro.

The collaboration between Meta and LG first surfaced in November last year. In the latest report, It turned out that the deal was expanding and encompassing multiple subsidiaries.

According to the news, subsidiaries LG Displays, LG Energy and LG Innotek will be involved in the development of the new headset. The launch is scheduled for 2025.

Details on the new model have not yet been announced.It has also not been confirmed that he will be leaving the newspaper. According to the research, the headphones will sell for around US$2,000 (R$9.9k in direct conversion); this is less than the US$3,499 (R$17.2k) charged for the Apple Vision Pro.

Another uncertainty would be the name of the product. The news states The new headset will be called “Quest 4 Pro”but this will break the model of Meta versions.

Generally, the “Pro” models are treated as a separate product line. However, there is a possibility that the model will be seen as a direct sequel to the mixed reality glasses Quest Pro, which was released in October last year.

known strategy

Meta has in the past formed partnerships to develop new products. The Oculus Go, released in October 2017, was produced by Xiaomi, while the player model Oculus Rift S, announced in March 2019, was produced by Lenovo.

Source: Tec Mundo

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