MTS has launched a mobile communication network at two new stations of the Moscow Metro – Vnukovo Airport and Pykhtino.

Vnukovo Airport is the first Moscow metro station connecting the subway with the capital’s airport of the same name. The operator noted that in the first hours of operation, the new mode of average data transfer rate on the platforms was 180 Mbps, and the peak was limited to 474 Mbps.

Taking into account this section of the Solar Transport Line for communications in the Moscow region, we are launching the first stage of our network simultaneously with the transfer of new resources so that subscribers can freely use high-quality voice services, high-speed mobile Internet and digital services with a stable signal and high-quality coverage.

— technical director of the Moscow region of MTS Vladislav Medvedev

In June 2023, MTS recognized leadership in the comprehensive quality of communication in the Moscow Metro, including the data transfer rate on most metro lines.

Source: Iphones RU

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