The Guerinland shark, traditionally found in the northern latitudes, was recently discovered in the Caribbean Sea – this is the first case in history. It is worth noting that the Herenland shark is the longest-lived vertebrate creature on our planet. It cost from 250 to 500 dollars, but it was a very dark and cold blue color. This extreme view rarely comes into the camera’s field of view and observes it – a stroke of luck. Greenland sharks move slowly sideways while maintaining their charge. They also slowly open up and age.

Scientists have taken to catching tiger sharks to study their behavior near Belize. Suddenly, one of them saw something strange – a capsule of water slowly floated, it seemed to the shark. At the same time, the mysterious Being stood out among the inhabitants of these waters of marine predators, both in size and in the way I formed the fabric. As soon as it was caught, the researchers tried to identify it and stated with surprise that I knew the Greenland star.

Seabed surveys in the area show that the ocean is deep enough for the Greenland sharks to live. Now scientists are studying whether this person has lived in the Caribbean for a long time or migrated to the tropics from colder waters. The discovery of a cold-water shark in southern latitudes may be a sign of catastrophic warming due to a sharp change. weather.

Source: Tech Cult

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