Established eight years ago in the United States, SpinLaunch has an exceptional “rocketless” propagation speed of small satellites for the purpose of a sling – using a centrifuge.

Until now, the launch of satellites into space is a very atmospheric matter. In 2014, the company installed a sizable centrifuge in New Mexico, which, according to its creators, after a powerful spin up to high speed, will launch payloads into space.

So far, everything is limited exclusively to test launches. How to choose in SpinLaunch, a fully functional space booster will be ready in three years. In size, it will be three times the size of the experimental version, which, by the way, is larger than the Statue.

NASA and the US Department of Defense were already interested in the unusual project. However, it is worth making a reservation – SpinLaunch can only launch satellites and cargo. Astronaut sets centrifuges.

Source: Tech Cult

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