We’re sharing a series of tricks that are very useful tips you need to know to improve your MacBook’s battery.

The MacBook battery is virtually out of reach by the competition, especially with the advent of M1 chips. we have Over 20 hours of battery lifeso on rare occasions we run out of battery.

However, if this is the case, some tricks to save a few hours of battery and improve the duration of our MacBook. These are simple tips anyone can follow to improve battery life on macOS.

macbook pro m1 13.3

You can save battery on your MacBook with these tricks

Find the apps that consume the most battery

Apps can consume a lot of power and quickly drain your MacBook’s battery, especially if they’re not optimized. But fortunately, macOS can: identify these apps. Once found, we recommend turning them off as soon as possible or finding a more efficient alternative.

For Find the apps that consume the most battery on your MacBook, click the Control Center icon in the top menu bar, and then click on battery percentage in the lower corner. Here you can see which apps are consuming more energy, closing them will extend your MacBook’s battery.

Check the apps you use

It is very important to check the apps we use, you already know how to detect which ones are consuming the most battery, but closing them is not always recommended. Just like on iOS, closing apps can have the opposite effect if we use them too often. Applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop need to load a lot of resources each time you launch them.

macbook work

Battery is an essential feature on MacBook

If you close an app on your Mac and reopen it within 5 or 10 minutes, the app probably consumes more battery to reopen from scratch than it would in the open. Therefore, you should only close these apps when you are not going to use them for a while.

using chrome

chromium One of the most battery and resource consuming apps on macOS. Therefore, using Safari instead of Chrome can give you an extra hour or more of battery life, especially if you use a web browser a lot.

But that’s not all. Many Popular desktop apps like Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger use the same web engine as Chromeso they will also consume a lot of battery.

One of the best options to save MacBook battery open such services in Safari and use the web version instead of using the app. And if you really like to have apps you can use from your Mac’s dock, you can use Unite, which lets us “turn any website into a customizable app on your Mac”.

Turn on optimized battery charging in macOS

This function battery charge optimizationAlso available on iPhone and Apple Watch, it can help you prevent significant battery degradation and extend the life of your MacBook. It uses an algorithm to keep the battery around 80% most of the time and charge the remaining 20% ​​when you’re ready to use your Mac. To turn it on, follow these steps:

  • Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences.
  • Click Battery and tap Battery in the sidebar.
  • Check “Optimized battery charge”.
optimized load mac

From here you can check or uncheck Optimized Mac charging.

I hope you can with these tricks Improve your MacBook’s battery. These are very simple tricks that will help you improve the autonomy of your MacBook and use it for a few more hours.

Source: i Padizate

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