After a few years with the same aesthetic, Google Chrome will get a new look. This is confirmed by the company in its official blog, where it guarantees that this reconstruction will be more focused on readability and will improve the integration between the colors that make up the most popular browser. In fact, the company is already offering us a glimpse of what we’ll see very soon, and seems to herald much-needed changes to provide a modern and up-to-date browser.

This is an update for Chrome integrates Google’s own Material You design language into the browser.. Additionally, according to Paris Tabriz, vice president of Chrome, it will allow you to better distinguish between the different profiles you create in the app. Whether it’s your work or personal account, you’ll always be able to decipher which one you’re in just by looking at the applied theme.

Except, Chrome also improves support for operating system level settings.. This way, you can tailor features such as light or dark theme depending on your computer configuration.

On the other hand, the company has also redesigned the app’s drop-down menus. So, offers faster access to Chrome extensions, Google Translate, and Google Password Manager.. Everything will be accessible from three points located in the upper right corner of the browser.

All these changes are related to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Google Chrome.. The browser has become the standard for most users in the world. If you are one of those who use it religiously, you will be able to enjoy all these new features in the coming weeks.

Other changes coming in the next version of Google Chrome

In addition to changes in the browser itself, Aesthetic news has also arrived in the Chrome Web Store., the Google extension store. Everything, of course, is correctly adapted to the Material You language, which the company also recently introduced into the Android brand.

The changes can already be seen in the preview version of the service, and it gives us a modernized vision of the Chrome Web Store. In addition to changes on an aesthetic level, Google hopes this will make it easier for users to find new extensions to add to their browser.. Additionally, new categories have been added, such as extensions powered by AI or chosen by editors.

On the other hand, Mountain View is also working to improve the security of its browser. For this, We’ve expanded the security check functionality in the Chrome Web Store.. This will make it easier to identify extensions that have recently violated Google’s policies or are potentially harmful.

In addition to protecting the Chrome Web Store, Security Check is a feature that helps maintain a more secure browser environment.. To do this, it checks and flags dangerous sites in real time as you browse them. Previously, this process was performed at 30 or 60 intervals, exposing the user to risk during certain periods of time. In this way, Google hopes to improve protection against phishing And malware up to 25%.

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