Apple will release the car in 2026, according to Bloomberg.

The company has not yet been decided on the design of the machine, and is still at the “rough prototype” stage. The final design should be ready next year. Until the end of 2024, Apple plans to review all the technical specifications. Tests will be in 2025.

The development of the car is being led by Ulrich Krantz, the former CEO of Canoo, as well as former managers of Tesla, Lamborghini and Porsche. The former head of Tesla Autopilot Stuart Bowers is responsible for the software. Former Ford chief executive Desi Uikashevich handled security, testing, and commercial matters.

Apple came up with a completely self-driving car that will not have a steering wheel or pedals. Now the plans have changed. A car with a precise classic layout with steering wheel, pedals and seats arranged one behind the other.

The autopilot will only be able to drive on the highway. He will not work in the city.

An Apple processor will definitely be installed inside the machine. Its power is expected to be equal to “four highest-end Mac chips combined.”

The processor is almost ready, although Apple may reduce its power before the launch of the car to reduce costs.

The company’s goal is for the car to cost less than $100,000. The Tesla Model S costs about the same. [Bloomberg]

Source: Iphones RU

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