Following this epic start-up, the Oscillography Watch will be released at the end of the year, and by the end of the year, all of his backers should receive their own copy of his iconic gadget. The idea for this design dates back to the era of our smartwatches, when inventor Gabriel Anzziani from the Gabotronics online store decided to use special tools for electronics enthusiasts. The idea is 620 people and $70 thousand investment.

As originally conceived, oscilloscope clocks can be used for oscillography, signal generator, logic analysis, protocols, and purely measurement applications. And because of this, we have placed it in the form factor of the most important cases, such as when serious complexity arises due to the bulky design. The design was poorly adapted to the 3D era, and Anzziani began development all over again to produce a completely different body.

Clock with oscilloscope

Funding was announced in 2020 but not included in the report. The interest and enthusiasm for the project did not last and this led to reaching this or the ending. The current version uses a 1.28 speed ZK screen with a lower speed. Analogs and codes are provided for the oscilloscope and logic analyzer areas, this is a USB port. The battery is designed for 9 cases of ostylography and the number of works in clock mode.

The durability and reliability of the Oscillography Watch series is not included in the package. The software for the watch is still being developed.

Clock with oscilloscope

Source: Tech Cult

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