The device surprised us with its unique feature, the gaze control function. At the Snapdragon Summit 2023 conference, Honor CEO George Chao talked about the new technology that allows you to interact with the device by simply pointing your gaze at it.

The name of the technology is Magic Capsule. It allows you to open applications and perform other actions just by looking at the screen.

For example, one demo video showed a woman opening the Uber app just by looking at the app icon. This feature is based on “eye tracking-based multimodal interaction”.

Additionally, Honor Magic6 will be equipped with a virtual assistant using Qualcomm’s artificial intelligence. Users will be able to ask it to perform various tasks, such as selecting videos on the device based on certain criteria.

However, it is worth noting that the real effectiveness of Magic Capsule technology has not been tested yet. A combination of gaze and other movements may be required for the function to work reliably.

The release date of Honor Magic6 has not been determined yet, but smartphones with Qualcomm’s new chipset are expected to appear in the coming weeks.

Source: Ferra

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