I always have a MacBook Air in my backpack, an iPhone in my pocket, and recently I added a portable Steam Deck console to this standard set of electronic devices. All these gadgets need to be constantly recharged, so for a long time I was looking for a lamp based on the capacity, convenience and form factor of a power bank.

We needed such an appearance to ensure the charging of at least three devices, to connect the charger as connected devices, and itself, but at the same time, so as not to be terrifying in size and weight. I looked at completely different “banks”, but they all had some disadvantages: either there is no support for fast charging, or there are only two ports, or it is heavy like a brick.

And all the options too bulky for an already full backpack.

And then, quite by accident, I came across a Baseus Blade 100W power bank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. In addition to the powerful power, this accessory won me over with its shape, which allows you to easily fit the Baseus Blade into your backpack or even a small stim bag.

This miracle costs as much as 13,000 rubles on the official website, but I found an option for 6,000 rubles. I don’t regret the money spent at all, because the Baseus Blade literally has no downsides, and I’m as happy with this power bank as possible.

That’s really true greatness.

Baseus Blade 100W – Why the best


The power bank is sold in a flat box, quite stylish in appearance. Just perfect as a gift to yourself (or someone else). Inside the device itself there is a soft case made of velor-like storage material and a meter USB-C cable with an E-Mark chip. The equipment is spartan, nothing superfluous.

Pay attention to the dimensions, thickness and weight. The Baseus blade weighs 490 grams, dimensions (width-height) 134 x 162 mm, strength is equal. 18 mm. Let me remind you, this is a 20,000 mAh portable battery.

Thanks to its design, the Baseus Blade fits into any backpack or bag without bloating or taking up much space. For me personally, this was one of the problems with other power banks – I wanted to put them out at the first opportunity, because they really got in the way.

The body is made of ABS plastic and is not subject to damage. On the front part, also under glossy transparent plastic, there is an information indicator that displays the battery charge level, as well as the input and output power when devices are connected and the time until the power bank is completely discharged.

If the connected device supports standard fast charging, a red lightning icon will appear on the screen.

At the top end there are 4 outputs: two USB-A, working for discharging, and two USB-C, set aside for both charging and discharging. Next to it is a small power button, when pressed, the charge level of the Baseus Blade itself will appear on the screen.

It’s convenient that when connecting several devices to different ports, you can use the power button to switch between charging indicators. However, there are no port markings, so one can only guess which gadget is so lands power bank at the moment.

But none of this matters. It is important that this power bank charges literally everything, from smartphones to laptops with a consumption of 100 watts.

Testing, personal impressions

I tried charging an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a MacBook Air using two USB-C ports at the same time. Baseus Blade charged a smartphone from 5 to 100% and a laptop from 45 to 100% in 40 minutes, spending about 60% of the resource. These are excellent indicators, as for me, in principle, it’s enough to also feed the steam deck.

During operation, the power bank sins too much, but not critically. It’s best to take it out of your velor bag and put it on the table. There are rubber feet at the bottom that raise the body slightly off the table, allowing for efficient heat dissipation.

The power bank itself charges in an average of 40 minutes from a power supply that supports fast charging. This is another plus, because you don’t want to wait an hour and a half for the battery to charge from some Xiaomi device.

Pros and cons, verdict

I will briefly list what I especially liked about the Baseus Blade 100W:

● comfortable, slim body
● high power
● support fast charging
● information screen
● moderate weight

The main disadvantage of this power bank is insanely dirty case and screen. Dust particles are literally magnetized to the glossy surface, and the plastic body, although matte, unexpectedly collects fingerprints with might and main. There is no use in wiping – after a second, the clean device is again covered with marks and dust. So for aesthetes this will be a noticeable disadvantage.

But this does not affect the functionality, so it is not critical for me. And this is not a device to proudly put on public display in the hope of envious glances. Just store the Baseus Blade in the included case and don’t worry.

I would like the manufacturer to replace the glossy plastic screen with glass in the next revisions of this power bank. Otherwise, no defects or jambs were found either during assembly or during its operation.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, most portable, but with a battery that charges your laptop, smartphone, smart watch away from the outlet – pay attention to the Baseus Blade 100W. I finally found my ideal power bank, and therefore I am sharing it with you completely free of charge.

It’s just rare to find really good accessories.

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