According to a survey by Kaspersky, About 25% of Brazilians have been or have been victims of malicious persecution through technological devices and 52% victims abusive relationships Moreover suffering digital espionage. Data from the “online follow-up in relationships” survey was released this Monday (30).

Regarding persecuted Brazilians, there is a balance between gender, but violence and abuse are more common in women. The study reveals that spy programs are responsible for abusive stalking and surveillance online – stalking abusers without permission.

The most common types of violence in relationships are abuse and psychological violence (83%), physical assault (37%), economic abuse (36%), and sexual abuse (24%). While 32% of women said they had been abused, only 15% of men said they had experienced similar situations – the Brazilian average of 24%.

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“Compulsive pursuit with a viewing program is another manifestation of a culture that mixes love with pose and control. Unfortunately, this behavior is present in humans, whether male or female, but for various cultural reasons, it is more aggressive when handled by a male and a female,” said Raquel Marques, president of the Artemis Association.

As Kaspersky explains, the survey was conducted by Sapio company in September 2021 and selected 21,000 respondents from 21 different countries, including Brazil. The work was carried out on behalf of the Coalition Against Stalkerware, which Kaspersky founded to disseminate information and combat the digital threat.

Source: Tec Mundo

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