Coca-Cola presented a drink created with AI. The soft drink, called Y3000, has a futuristic label design, the creation of which also involved artificial intelligence. The drink will be launched in limited quantities in some markets where the brand operates.

Coca-Cola presented a drink created with AI

Beverage maker Coca-Cola has launched a soft drink that uses artificial intelligence to create its flavor and label design. The company announced this on its website.

The Y3000 sugar-free flavor was created based on feedback from Coca-Cola lovers around the world. The label received a futuristic design.

“We set out to explore the concept of what the Coca-Cola of the future might taste like and what kind of experience it might deliver,” Coca-Cola said.

The Y3000 drink will be released in limited quantities in the US, Canada, China, Europe and Africa. Coca-Cola has not revealed what the soda will taste like or what ingredients it will contain.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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