A court in St. Petersburg suspended Greenbox’s activities for two months following mass poisoning of the company’s “healthy” foods. Green Box JSC was accused of violating sanitary and epidemiological regulations; The company partially admitted them and asked to suspend its activities for a month.

A St. Petersburg court suspended Greenbox’s activities for two months after the mass poisoning

The Primorsky District Court of Saint Petersburg declared Green Box JSC administratively liable. The company’s activities were suspended for 60 days, the court’s press service reported in a statement. They indicated that Caja Verde requested the suspension of activities for 30 days.

On September 11, the court received a case of mass food poisoning by the company Greenbox, which reached customers through the Samokat service. Rospotrebnadzor counted more than 270 cases, in 56 of them salmonella bacteria were found in the poisoned people.

Green Box JSC was accused of violating sanitary and epidemiological standards, that is, poor cleanliness of the premises, presence of insects and allowing employees to work without medical books. The company partially admitted the violations, the court’s press service clarified.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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