Microsoft is bringing new features to both the photo app and the capture tool in Windows 11. One of the new features is Possibility to copy text from screenshots and share content in other applicationsFor example, Word or Discord.

Word recognition will be instantaneous, allowing the user to select exactly what they want before copying. It is worth remembering that similar alternatives already exist on Android and iOS.

members Windows Insider Canary and Developer channels already have access to updated versions. To launch the feature, you need to click the “Text Actions” button on the toolbar; This will allow the app to display a selection of text from the image. To hide certain information, you must select the “Quick Edit” option.

Phone Link will make it easier to access images on your computer

Microsoft also announced a new feature in its Phone Link app. HE the program will gain the ability to access and edit the latest photos from Android devices. All this through the capture tool in Windows 11.

Additionally, as you can see in the image below, the user will receive notifications when a new image is captured on the mobile device.

A notification will appear when a photo appears on the device

Yet There is no date for new features to come to the standard version of Windows 11.

Source: Tec Mundo

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