Rapper and businessman Timur Yunusov (Timati) and restaurateur Anton Pinsky, who became the new owners of Domino’s Pizza, will invest 400 million rubles in the reboot of the chain, Pinsky told Forbes. He did not specify in what proportions the investments would be distributed.

Timati and Pinsky will invest 400 million rubles in the development of Domino Pizza

According to the publication, the businessmen have already spent part of the funds planned for the development of the network on the purchase of 68 establishments from former franchisees. These are pizzerias in Moscow and the region, Yaroslavl and Samara.

The partners intend to use the remaining money to rebrand and create a mobile application with a loyalty program, which will be combined with the Stars Coffee loyalty program. This coffee chain began operating in the Russian Federation in place of the international Starbucks, whose business was bought by Timati, Pinsky and Senator Arsen Kanokov’s Sindika company in 2022 for 500 million rubles.

Pinsky points out that in recent months Domino’s Pizza has been losing market share in Russia because it did not develop its marketing. It is in this area that the new owners will invest, with plans to develop “bolder and more creative marketing solutions”.

Pinsky also said that after Timati announced his desire to purchase the chain, they were approached by several franchisees, two of whom in total owned 56 Domino’s Pizza locations. In the summer, according to the restaurateur, they bought the DP Eurasia pizzerias, but after learning of the company’s plans to finally leave the Russian market, they decided to sell the business.

Another 12 points of sale were in the hands of several different businessmen, from whom, according to Pinsky, the establishments were purchased “at the offered price, without haggling.”

Another 52 franchised pizzerias signed a franchise agreement with partners to operate the chain under the Domino Pizza brand.

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The new franchisees will change the name of the location at their own expense. According to Pinsky, the cost of one point can vary between 500,000 rubles and 2 million rubles.

The founder of the Doner 42 project of Dodo Brands, Magomed Kostoev, believes that the partners do not have enough experience in the field of fast food development and that this market, in his opinion, is very complex and highly competitive.

“The importance of celebrities (i.e. Timati. – Forbes) when doing real business should not be exaggerated,” Kostoev told the publication.

  • In 2022, DP Eurasia, which manages the Domino’s Pizza brand, abandoned royalties and investments in the Russian market amid sanctions. Six months later, the master franchisee began to think about selling the Russian business. Unable to find a buyer, the company announced bankruptcy proceedings in August 2023.
  • A week later it was learned that the asset was acquired by Timati and Anton Pinsky, and the new owners subsequently relaunched the chain under the Domino Pizza brand.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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