Amazon Prime Video will include ads starting in 2024

Streaming platforms are fighting with the same strategies!

Streaming platforms limit benefits for less money

The much-criticized move initiated by Netflix has expanded among other streaming services. Thus, Amazon Prime Video became the latest company to confirm that it will include ads from 2024, in order to offer another alternative to users who want to pay less for advertising.

According to the platform’s description; Ad-supported plan will be available first in the US, UK, Germany and Canada In early 2024. Later, It will expand to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia.

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For those with a Prime membership, Prime Video costs $4.99 per month. Prime members will not need to take any additional action if they wish to continue with the advertising level, and the price of Prime membership will remain the same.

Users who want to continue watching Prime Video ad-free will need to pay an additional fee on top of their existing subscription costs. The ad-free option will be available for US Prime members for an additional $2.99 ​​per month. The rate for other countries has not been confirmed yet.

As for how this initiative will work, Amazon states: ads will be “limited”because the goal is “to have much less advertising than linear TV and other TV streaming providers.”

Amazon also said that its decision to serve ads while streaming Prime Video content will help it. “Continue to invest in engaging content and increase that investment over a long period of time.”It adds to the original movie and TV series options.

Although Netflix was the first platform to announce and launch the plan to save the number of users with advertisements, a few months ago Disney + confirmed that it would make the same move. Like most, it launched in the United States and will be available in other countries next year.

The streaming bubble burst a long time ago. Password sharing and uninterrupted program watching at the same rates have become unsustainable. For companies in this sector, there is no choice but to choose the same strategies. In short, the quality of programming will continue to be a determinant of survival.

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