Tesla launched the five millionth anniversary car – it was the Tesla Model 3. Tesla managed to produce 5 million electric cars in 15 years of operation, while the company assembled the last (fifth) million cars in six months.

Tesla launched its 5 millionth anniversary electric car

Tesla reported on the five millionth anniversary of the electric car produced. The company published a post about it on its page on the social network X (ex Twitter).

In 15 years of operation, Tesla has produced 5 million electric vehicles. The company reached its first million in early 2020, the fourth million in March 2023. Tesla assembled its fifth million electric vehicles in 6 months and 17 days.

Of the 479 thousand Tesla electric vehicles assembled in the second quarter of 2023, 460 thousand are Model Y and Model 3.

On September 1, Tesla introduced an updated version of its most popular car, the Model 3. It will be produced for the markets in China, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and Europe.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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