An unusual post appeared on fans of video games “War Thunder”, secret information about the character that the gamer showed was discovered.

As Kotaku reported, it’s not about high-risk anxiety, it’s about… triggering the action of the tank video game, which comes in some changes that cause it to react more alarmingly.

This is the third such leak from secret archives to Internet forums. Last year, a British gamer posted the same secret guide to driving a British tank, which caused a stir in his country’s Ministry of Defense. In continuation of this topic, another TANKIST gamer posted a drawing of a French tank.

In one of his latest messages, the gamer presented a scheme for a combat projectile, a kotakitakita, and yes, the secret information from the forum page did not correct the situation, after all.

The moral of this story is simple: the imperfection of computer games is no reason to publish soynir. Information.

Source: Tech Cult

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