Russian computer game studio and developer Lesta Games, which was previously a division of Belarusian Wargaming (World of Tanks, World of Warships, WoT Blitz), will invest $100-150 million to expand the product line and upgrade the infrastructure, the company told Kommersant.

Lesta Games invests up to $150 million in new projects

In the summer, Wargaming sold shares in its Russian and Belarusian companies. The business owner was businessman Malik Khatazhaev, who previously headed the Russian studio Wargaming.

Kommersant’s sources claim that Wargaming and Lesta agreed to separate brands and markets. In October, Lesta Games announced the name change of World of Tanks to World of Tanks and World of Warships to World of Ships. The latter’s product manager, Alexander Ilyichev, told the publication that in 2023 it is planned to spend up to $150 million to support existing games, as well as to develop new projects. This will require a new fleet of servers and the employment of 400-450 new employees.

Once a division, Ilyichev said the company aims to become a major independent developer. Currently, Lesta is considering the prospects of joint projects with large Russian companies. In particular, negotiations with Yandex and Rostelecom are already underway. A memorandum of cooperation with VK was signed in June.

Another interlocutor of the publication indicates that Wargaming’s previous revenue from World of Tanks reached $800 million, 50% of which came from Russia and Belarus. He admits that the developer can revoke the licenses of Lesta’s Russian-language games, so the company must refocus, among other things, on creating its own projects.

A source at one of the Russian game studios believes that Lesta may have serious problems with the experience.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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