Useful computer software and engineering solutions, including preloz or Allen’s idea for a fundamentally new speaker capable of dividing a room into several zones for communication. Using 7 microphones, they are converted into AV tomatic recordings and accurately identify the voices of interlocutors, while simultaneously determining their location in the room. A property of the disease is the ability to “turn off” the noisiest areas or individual speakers during meetings or conferences.

The innovative speakers are designed to support robots, which are also available in a variety of thimble sizes. The robots interact with each other and can automatically take the most advantageous position, moving around the room on wheels. When the battery power runs low, they return to the docking station to recharge the ki. Massive microphones can be used to separate music and separate it from a location. All tools from the robots’ arsenal have been put into production. For this reason, device mobilization is also important. Special neural networks are used to remix microphones.

Tuochao Chen, one of the researchers, reports that tests conducted on real people were able to test the theoretical concepts. The verified identification system is only 90% missing and has been demolished. There is too little left in half a meter. The only drawback is that it is only comparatively more painful. The time is 1.82 seconds, which is not part of confidential work. At the same time, real supply systems are organized, in particular, video conferencing. However, if you use them, you can use techniques to work on them, such as how to achieve success in a regular tacomom with the same noise reduction as in quality ones. headphones.

Source: Tech Cult

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