German Navy frigate Saxony

Most of the world’s most active children are actively involved in the work of the Russian Federation. Thus, the German Navy (Deutsche Marine) has successfully completed a one-year cycle of field testing of a prototype combat laser prototype jointly produced by Rheinmetall and MBDA Deutschland with a power of 20 kW.

The laser was installed on the Saxony and integrated into the ship’s ship. This requires 12 lasers with a maximum power of 2 kilometers. If they have a module, they will use a hub, they will form a beam that can reach 100 kW. Over the past year, six series of laser tests were carried out against various targets, including maneuverable ones. It cost 100 “Shots”. External surveillance and escort measures were created by special sensors in isolation from other combat systems of the frigate Saxony.

In the cache these were isolated and unmanned, high-speed boats and missiles, albeit at a very short range. The developers hope that as the combat laser improves, it will be able to hit supersonic missiles, rockets, mortars and artillery environments.

Frigate Saxony

Source: Tech Cult

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