Bear Panic: Robotic wolf monsters protect Japanese cities from hungry, marauding bruises

A couple of years ago, the robot wolf “Monster Wolf”, a strange-looking thing with glowing red eyes and protruding fangs, first appeared in Japan and first took up residence on the outskirts of a city on the northern island. Hokkaido to deter bears from entering the community in search of food.

Nose Bear attacks In parts of the country on the rise, the city of Takikawa, about 570 miles northeast of Tokyo, is now deploying the robot more widely, near places such as golf courses, highways and pig farms, the BBC reported Thursday.

As you can see in the video above, the solar-powered wolf monster lets out a menacing roar if it detects a bear nearby. There is also a set Led lights flashes its tail and can move its head to look more realistic.

However, his designer has yet to embed robotic intelligence into the wolf’s legs (he doesn’t actually have any and is just mounted on poles), so he can’t chase the approaching bears back into the mountains.

With those glowing red eyes, encountering a robot at night could be just as terrifying for humans, although hopefully by now the local townspeople will be well aware of the whereabouts of the robot wolves (although tourists might get scared).

The robot’s design is apparently based on a real-life wolf that roamed the Asian country more than 100 years ago before being hunted to extinction.

Earlier this month, Japan’s NHK reported that bear attacks in the country were at the highest level since records began in 2007. The Environment Ministry said there were 53 reported injuries from such attacks between April and July this year. at least one person died after an attack in Hokkaido in May.

Source: Digital Trends

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