Lithuania has made another requirement for owners of vehicles with Russian registration. The country’s customs authorities demand that cars that arrived before the ban was introduced (September 11, 2023) be removed from its territory and from the entire EU within six months.

Lithuania demanded that all cars with Russian license plates be removed from EU territory

The ban requested by the Baltic country applies in particular to motorhomes and minibuses designed to carry up to ten passengers.

However, the new requirement provides for an exception: motorists traveling through Lithuania towards the Kaliningrad region must pass. But its transit should not exceed 24 hours. In this case, the owner must drive the vehicle.

In early September, after the European Union clarified the restrictions imposed on Russians due to the military conflict on the territory of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland banned the entry of cars with Russian license plates. Lithuania announced that it would confiscate the Russians’ cars.

It was reported that, in addition to cars, Russians will not be able to transport even personal items, such as laptops and phones, across the border. Finnish border guards later clarified that used clothing, smartphones and laptops can be transported.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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