A rather unconventional scam was uncovered in Detroit after police arrested a man who stole 800 gallons of gasoline using Bluetooth for cell phone.

Fraudsters use the Bluetooth function of a mobile phone to hack into the pump and get it for free.

One justification for this kind of theft could be that the price of gasoline in the US is too high, around $4 per liter, down from $1.9 at one point.

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The illegal act occurred at Shell at Eight Mile and Wyoming.

“They just automatically open the pump and tell everyone to fill up the liters,” says Moe, the gas station owner.

A gas station attendant told Fox News that the thief “opens the pump,” locking the system, essentially hacking into the system, using a Bluetooth connection from his phone, sort of like a remote control. So, it’s free for everyone.

The method also involves two people: one enters the Cash App store and distracts the person visiting the gas station, and the second breaks into the gas station.

Source: Digital Trends

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