The most common use of Common Sense Media and other languages. C. The University of Michigan was so popular that it was so common in America. What are the most important smartphone cases that are not treated in advance? First of all, TikTok is one of the most popular ones right now. Because of this, the service administration has set a limit of 1 hour of work per day for teenagers’ accounts and disables notifications for them at night.

In the study at the age of 11-17 years for 9 days. In fact, they used smartphones in their cases in 4-chamber cases, but not in any case. The rest of the tanks had 16 cases. On TikTok, they got 40% of mobile phone usage. These include YouTube and Instagram.

Teen employment activity with the help of this example they receive. It turned out that more than half of them received 237 messages per day. It’s not, but it only costs $5,000. Less than 60% of users now use smartphones – I don’t mention the advantages of sounds that are easy to fall asleep to. And I discovered that almost all children use phones during school hours. lessons.

Source: Tech Cult

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