Adobe’s next artificial intelligence (AI) tool should be able to: identify and replace individual objects in photos. In its promotional video, the company gave clues about the new feature that should be presented at the next Adobe Max event.

The vehicle is known as “Project Stardust” and can: identify, select and move specific objects in a photo automatically. Adobe demonstrates how the tool is supposed to work in a video posted on YouTube.

In video, the editor can move suitcases, add other items, remove people from the background of a photo, and change a model’s outfits with just a few clicks.

Adobe’s new tool has a contextual taskbar similar to the one in Photoshop. The program suggests actions to improve the editing, such as removing people from the background and changing elements of the photo.

In a way, the new feature is very similar to Google Magic Editor. Google ecosystem functionality can remove people from photos and replace details automatically, eliminating the editing software skill. But in principle, Adobe’s role will be stronger.

The new tool will leverage the capabilities of Adobe Firefly, the AI ​​platform the company introduced this year. Currently, the company’s AI is capable of creating images based on text descriptions, enlarging photos, and even editing videos.

Launch will happen soon

Adobe’s new tool It will be announced on October 10Other important news for the company’s software ecosystem will be presented at the event, including other functions with artificial intelligence.

Source: Tec Mundo

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