All operating systems contain some tools that are not very well known, and it’s a shame as many of them are actually useful. An example is called Near Share, which is available on computers using it. Windows 11 (other previous versions). We tell you what you can do with it and how to activate it.

This is a function that allows Files Share All types between computers using the Microsoft operating system. You will think that this is nothing new, but if you add this to it, you will see that it has been achieved. without having to put any cables and the configuration is practically non-existent, things are changing. TRUE?

you can do with it skip cloud usage To achieve this, something that is becoming more and more common. Additionally, in most cases, you won’t need to remove a USB flash drive or do the same with an external drive unless the transfer speed requirements are particularly high.

How does this Windows 11 feature work?

Well, taking advantage of networks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth something that is not exactly unusual today, if any. In this way, computers using it, whether at home or at work, can send files easily and comfortably. Therefore, and as it makes sense to think, the requirements are very low, as you have to comply with the access to the above-mentioned wireless connections. And when it comes to operating system, you should use versions. Windows 11 or earlier versions developed by Microsoft (hereinafter referred to as 10). This much.

Proximity sharing in Windows 11

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When it comes to activation, you have to Settings in the operating system and partition systemIn the right area you will find the section named. Nearby Sharing. It’s off by default, so you’ll have to go in and change that. You can set only your teams to recognize you or all teams within the maximum distance. Then you have the option to choose the folder where everything you receive will be saved, and you can also change the name of the computer whenever you need it.

This is how you use this option to share files

The way to do this is very simple. These are the steps you need to take and obviously you can repeat them as many times as you see fit:

  • Select the file you want to share and tap the icon labeled Share on the top ribbon.
  • In the Proximity Sharing section, select the active device with the appropriate coverage distance.
  • A message will now appear on the receiving Windows 11 computer, allowing the process to complete if accepted.

As you can see, it cannot be more easy everything and the sending time depends on the size of the file and also the speed of the wireless networks you are using.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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